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Quality Assurance

We seek complete satisfaction of our clients by offering premium quality Aloe Vera Drinks, Aloe Vera Gel Drinks, Yogurt Aloe Drinks, Organic Juices, Organic Orange Juices, Coconut Drinks, Healthy Drinks, Fruit Juices and more. For maintaining high standards, we procure the required ingredients from authorized vendors. Moreover, after procuring, we quality test the inputs-to-be-used at our end to ensure their purity & superior quality. The preparation of our offered beverages is carried out under the eagle eye of our experts using ultramodern machines. After production, a group of experienced quality analysts check the prepared output on parameters like nutritional value, hygiene, taste and purity to ensure its perfection in every manner.

Product Range

Our complete range can be summed up under the following categories:
  • Fruit Juices
  • Energy Drinks
  • Coffee & Teas
  • Mineral Water
  • Organic Juices
  • Organic Orange Juices
  • Healthy Drinks
  • Ginseng Drinks
  • Coconut Drinks
  • Yogurt Aloe Drinks
  • Aloe Vera Drinks
  • Aloe Vera Gel Drinks
  • Anti-Hangover Drinks
A detailed overview of the products we manufacture, supply and export is tabulated below which can also be availed in sugar free composition:

My Aloe

Aloe Original

Aloe Guava

Aloe Lychee

Aloe Mango

Aloe Pineapple

Aloe Peach

Aloe Pomegranate

Aloe Strawberry

Aloe Blueberry

Aloe Grape

My Coco

Coconut Original

Coconut Guava

Coconut Lychee

Coconut Grape

Coconut Pineapple

My Yogurt Aloe






Organic Juice & Tea

Organic Tomato

Organic Orange

Organic Grape

Organic Barley Tea

In addition to these, we offer:

Fruit Juices



Rubus Coreanus

Corni Fruit

Jeju Mandarin


Tomato Plus


Aloe Plus

Coffee & Tea

Arabica Cafe

Organic Barley Tea

Corn Silk Tea

Non-Alcoholic Cocktail



Ginseng Drinks

Wild Ginseng


Red Ginseng

Red Ginseng Powder

Healthy Drinks

Honey Water

Youngji Mushroom

Ssanghwa Gold

Vegetable Worms

Nokyong Gold

Jehwang Gold

Baloon Flower

Ginger Ssanghwa

Black Garlic

Anti-Hangover Drinks

Oriental Raisin Tree Seed

Energy Drinks

New Vitamin

Vitamin C

Zen Power

Taurine F

Mineral Water


Company History




Started with a Hansung Food


Collaborated with Yechon Factory (180ml, 100ml Bottle Line)


In this year, the production of SANG-A Pharm Brand was started (Brand alliance)


The firm changed its name to Pureplus co. ltd


Firm's A Line production started (500BPM, 100 to 110ml Bottle Line)


Firm's C Line production started (300BPM, 180 to 210ml Bottle, 350 to 1500ml PET)


The firm established its 2nd Plant in Hamyang and expanded its manufacturing line


Gained I.S.O 9001


Started D Line production (500BPM Bottle)


Expanded further by establishing 3rd manufacturing plant in Hamyang


The firm was credited with good company award by the Ministry of Knowledgement & Economy


Again, credited with the good company award


The firm expanded its manufacturing line


Awarded with the National Tax Service Commissioner Award


Acquired OASIS, Mineral Water company (Name changed to Pure Co., Ltd.)


Governor of Hamyang nominated us as the most Promising Export Company.

On the 38th Trade Day, credited with Five Million Dollar Export Tower

Our Production Plants

We have well planned arrangements for executing our production related activities in a chaos-free and efficient manner. Apart from the head office, we have a set up a separate Beverage Plant and Mineral Water Plant for our firm. At our head offices, we have a sophisticated administrative department, comfortable & modern guest room and a spacious warehouse. All the activities of our other plants are managed & monitored from the head office.

The Beverage Plant we have established has three separate sections that is a PET line, R&D department and a sound warehouse. The per day production capacity of this plant for Glass Bottle of 75 to 100 ml is 3,00,000, 120 to 245 ml is 1,80,000 and 1 L is 80,000. In the PET Bottle category, the plant has a daily production capacity of 1,80,000 for 340 to 500 ml and 90, 000 for 1500 ml bottles. This plant has facilities to provide the offered bottles both box and shrink packaging.

The Mineral Water Plant we possess has a daily production capacity of 450 mega ton mineral water bottles. This plant includes a advanced Pet Line, ultramodern Packaging and capacious warehousing unit. The plant has a facility to provide shrink packaging to the mineral water bottles manufactured each day. Latest machines of this unit supports us in coming up with  6000 18.9 l filled bottles, 2,50,000 500 ml filled bottles and 70,000 2 l filled bottles per day with shrink packaging.

Our R&D Center

The R&D Center of Pureplus was set up in the year 2001 as the firm decided to expand the range and take a leading stand in the industry. This department comprises some of the most intellectual brains which work in sync with one another to find better production techniques and improve the offered product line. In order to offer natural beverages that suits the taste buds of people all over the world, we with our team of R&D experts survey both the national and international market thoroughly. Following the principles of Nature, Health and Love, our R&D team performs the following functions:
  • Total quality management
  • Complete analysis of process and product quality
  • Conduct safety tests for both product & environment
  • Proper market research & new products development
  • Renewal of existing products & development of new process
Our Business Cover

Our business spreads all over the world and our beverages hold a highly demanded presence in various continents. Under our OEM/ODM cover, we have 15 companies in the domestic section and 11 Companies in the overseas category. Moreover, when it comes to our overseas market, we sprawl over 17 countries and offer a range of 120 premium quality products.

OEM Partners Of Our Organization
  • Purmil
  • Nam Yang
  • Home Plus
  • Ildong Foodis
  • IL-Yang Pharm.
  • Hyundai Pharm
  • Daewoong Life Science
  • Chong Kun Dang Pharm
  • Lotte Chilsung Beverage
  • Dong Wha Pharm. Co. Ltd.
  • Chong Kun Dang Healthcare
  • Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.